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We're happy you found your way here!

Our vision is to accelerate enterprises and create unicorns. A vision like that requires a lot of brilliant people. We already have a lot of them in our team but we will for sure need a lot more in the future. Hopefully you are here for that reason!

At this page you can learn more about what makes our workplace and culture unique. You can get to know our people. You can read about the recruitment process. And most importantly, you can connect with us or apply for our open positions! 

What our people love about our way

"At GH, you not only have an opportunity to shape the way we do things, where we're heading and how we’ll get there, you are expected to do this! We want you to contribute with the knowledge you are nerdily passionate about. In this way, we develop and push forward together. I also love that we love dogs"

Henry Growth Hacker

"The best thing about Growth Hackers is that I feel challenged all the time. With the feeling that people here have my back and believe in me. Another great thing is that we laugh a lot and that is very valuable for me and for the culture I'm part of!"

Linn Growth Coach

Perks and Benefits

  • Care Benefits

    We want our employees to stay healthy and to take care of their mind and their body. Therefore, we give all our people SEK 5000 to spend on your well being

  • The bonus program

    We have our quarterly OKRs.
    If the percentage of done is up over 70% for two quarters we get a bonus

  • Pension and insurance

    We provide our employees with ITP 1

  • Lunch and snacks

    If you get hungry or thirsty we have got you covered. You get some fika-cash every month to spend in our Convini store!

  • Dog Friendly Office

    At the moment we have two office dogs (mood-managers). Charlie and Alfa.

Our guiding principles

Our (extreme) ownership

We always choose to see our own part in situations and take responsibility for our role and behavior.

Our neverending focus on our clients

Our guiding star will always be to generate real value and to best prepare to produce future value for our clients.

Our care to share

We all had one or more persons who spent time showing us or teaching us something. Pay it forward, because it’s going to come back to you!

Our ‘can learn’ and ‘can do’ spirit!

We never stop learning and challenging ourselves, and while we do it, we stay positive!

Our capacity to be self-reflective and honest!

We try hard to break away from ineffective patterns of thoughts and behaviors. Sometimes that requires self-honesty - but we dare to go there!

Already working at Growth Hackers?

Let’s recruit together and find your next colleague.

  • Adam Brandt
  • Allan Salih
  • Berner Setterwall
  • Brian Katzman
  • Ebba Moberg
  • Elisabet Melin
  • Faisal Maqbool
  • Gustaf Dahl
  • Hatem Fassatoui
  • Henrik Hoffman

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